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Getting started with 2D resistivity interpretation using RES2DINV

Presentation, embedded below was developed to bring users up to speed in interpretation of their resistivity data. Class for end users was conducted in Indonesia and included training on field data collection with SibER-48 using ~ 900 m long profile in Wenner-Schlumberger and pole-dipole (remote electrode) 2D tomography. On the second day users received hands-on instructions on data import into RES2DINV software, quality assurance of the data based on visual approach as well as through RMS of the interpretation model. 

General discussion about non-uniquness of the subsurface interpretation modl for 1D, 2D, and 3D representations has followed this class. 

Slides can be viewed on http://www.slideshare.net/LarisaGolovko/training-on-res2dinv-and-siber48


Class participants were provided with:

    Three .d2d files with field data collected on previous day.
    Software installs:
  •            SibER Tools
  •            RiPPP
  •            RES2DINV
     Manuals for SibER-48 and RES2DINV
     Off-line instruction pages from www.landviser.net
     Dr. Loke’s Course Notes on Theory of 2D&3D resistivity surveys
Registered users of landviser.net can download software and manuals from active links above and attached to this blog post. 

Very good piece of info,

Very good piece of info, thanks!