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Geophysical and Geostatistical Software

RES2DINV with topographyLandviser, LLC has developed a 1D interpretation software for soil vertical electrical sounding (iVES), which available for FREE download. We also an authorized distributor for a number of special software for interpretation of geophysical surveys such as RES2DINV and RES3DINV, resistivity inversion imaging by GEOTOMO Software (Malaysia); RadExPro, seismic interpretation by DECO Geophysical software company (Russia).

Current complete catalog of Landviser, LLC

RES2DINV and RES3DINV tech specs



Resistivity and Induced Polarization data interpretation


Our in-house 1D interpretation of electrical resistivity sounding (specially developed for noisy soil data with diffuse boundaries between soil horizons) is still available for FREE! The software was developed with Microsoft Visual Basic and feature friendly GUI.



Landviser is an authorized distributor for Geotomo Software -- 2D and 3D inversion of electrical resistivity and induced polarization surveys. Ask us about renting or purchasing RES2DINV or RES3DINV, we can give you up to 10% discount on top of the discounts offered by Geotomo

Seismic data interpretation

RadExPro    SegY detective



RadExPro – comprehensive, easy-to-use software for near-surface seismics at affordable price.  It is a powerful software for comprehensive processing and interpretation of near-surface on-shore and off-shore seismic and VSP data on Windows 9x/Me/2000/XP/Vista.  Scope and highlights:

  • Reflection seismic data processing and interpretation
  • Effective demultiple processing of single-channel high-resolution offshore data
  • VSP data processing
  • MASW
  • Easy refraction seismic processing
  • 2D/3D Seismic QC and field processing
  • Cross-plot analysis of seismic attributes
  • Convenient printing with print preview

RadExPro is operating on inexpensive Windows-driven PC's and workstations. Can be installed on a laptop computer to take into a field/ a research ship. Providing the potential of the full-blown system for seismic processing, interpretation and quality control while away from the central office.

Geostatistics and Fractals

Multifractal Analysis of Random Sampled Data (XYZV1....Vn)

Download a zipped executable (MS DOS) file with MS Word Instructions, sample data and post-processing Excel workbooks. While it is possible to use the program above for Multifractal Analysis of Random Sampled Data as stand-alone software, we highly recommend obtaining the complete GSLIB Fortran Library. You can get a FREE GSLIB source code here... Or, better yet, buy an instructional book with GSLIB Fortran source codes on CD-ROM from Amazon.com. Fortran Compiler also can be obtained from Amazon.


Res3D rent or data processing

Hello, I have a data set to be processed. Can you do it for me? How much will i cost? Is there any way I can do it myself? Thank you.

Download DEMO version and run

Download DEMO version and run your dataset. You would not be able to save inversion model or export inverted resistivity values, but you would able to see the model picture and save it (PrntScr). Also DEMO version does not account for topography, but if your area is relatively flat, that should work. 

Larisa Golovko (Pozdnyakova), Ph.D. - President of Landviser, LLC


how can i get the software to use for ves?

free software for 1d ves is

free software for 1d ves is available for registered users in Downloads\user\iVES folder.

Larisa Golovko (Pozdnyakova), Ph.D. - President of Landviser, LLC

help with data entry in RES2DINV

I need help to enter resistivity survey data into RES2DINV.