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LandMapper ERM-02: Handheld Meter for Near-Surface Electrical Geophysical Surveys

Publication Type:

Journal Article


FastTIMES (EEGS), Volume 15, Issue 4 - Agriculture: A Budding Field in Geophysics, p.85 - 93 (2010)





On-the-go sensors, designed to measure soil electrical resistivity (ER) or electrical conductivity (EC)are vital for faster non-destructive soil mapping in precision agriculture, civil and environmental engineering,
archaeology and other near-surface applications. Compared with electromagnetic methods
and ground penetrating radar, methods of EC/ER measured with direct current and a four-electrode
probe have fewer limitations and were successfully applied on clayish and saline soils as well as on
highly resistive sandy soils, such as Alfisols and Spodosols. However, commercially available contact
devices, which utilize a four-electrode principle, are bulky, very expensive, and can be used only on
fallow fields. Multi-electrode ER-imaging systems applied in deep geophysical explorations are heavy,
cumbersome and their use is usually cost-prohibited in many near-surface applications, such as forestry,
archaeology, environmental site assessment and cleanup, and in agricultural surveys on farms
growing perennial horticultural crops, vegetables, or turf-grass. In such applications there is a need for
an accurate, portable, low-cost device to quickly check resistivity of the ground on-a-spot, especially on
the sites non-accessible to heavy machinery.


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