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LandMapper ERM-01 - simple handheld resistivity meter

Throw away your augers and soil samplers! Well, not quite... LandMapper® ERM-01 is new non invasive device, which will help you to map land parcels with contrasting soil properties within the fields quickly, non destructivelyand cost-efficiently.

Landmapper is an excellent tool for soil mapping required for environmental consulting, golf courses maintenance, construction services, farm management, new land development, and real-estate planning. It is a must have tool for forensic and archaeological investigators, even for serious treasure hunters. Using this non invasive device prior to soil sampling you can significantly reduce the amount of samples required and precisely design a sampling plan based on the site spatial variability.

LandMapper® ERM-01 measures electrical resistivity or conductivity of soils and related media for express non invasive mapping and monitoring of agricultural fields as well as construction and remediation sites. In a typical setting, a four-electrode probe is placed on the surface and an electrical resistivity value is read from the digital display. The device measures electrical resistivity in a surface layer of the depth from 2 cm down to 20 m, which is set by varying the size of a four-electrode probe. Measurements are based on well-known four-electrode principle, which allows to avoid influence of electrode contact potential on measured electrical conductivity or resistivity of the media and obtain accurate readings.  The field tests were performed by our customers in USA, Russia, China, Canada, Sweden, France, Germany, Iraq, Dubai, Brazil, Panama and many others.

Key Features:



  • Compact and portable design (weights only 250 g without the probe)
  • Fast (one measurement takes 4 sec.)
  • Non invasive device (only press firmly into few inches of soil and measure down to 5 meters)
  • Accurate (automatically accounts for spontaneous potential arising from grounding of the electrodes)
  • Safe and economical (uses a standard 9 V battery)
  • Seamless connection with personal computer for data transfer (stores 999 data values) 
  • Modular and interchangeable - 4-electrode probes, VES arrays, and detachable measuring unit
  • Versatile (the same unit can be used in field mapping and laboratory experiments)
  • Affordable


  • Mapping of land surface electrical resistivity or conductivity, which is shown to be related with soil texture, salinity, stone content, pollution by oil products, etc. (see our Case studies and References)

  • Measuring electrical resistivity in soil pits to better diagnose genetic horizons.

  • Possibility to monitor electrical resistivity distribution in soil profiles without excavation to study freezing-melting, drying-wetting, and solute redistribution processes.

  • Measuring electrical resistivity in soil columns in model experiments to account for spatial variability and to outline solute flow.

  • Measuring electrical resistivity of liquids, solid, and semisolid media, such as soil samples, pastes, and slurries; wood; food; and others.



For prices and accessories, go to Current complete catalog of Landviser LLC. Send us email or post a comment below and we will happily provide you with a custom quote.

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