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Electrical resistivity of arable gray forest soils

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Moscow University Soil Science Bulletin, Volume 66, Issue 2, p.75 - 78 (2011)


0147-6874, 1934-7928



Alfisols, electrical resistivity, ER, gray forest soils, LandMapper, organic matter, soil classification, soil organic carbon, Soil Science


The electrical resistivity of gray forest soils and gray forest soils with a second humus horizon was studied in the Bryansk Opol’e region. The dependence of electrical resistivity on the soil’s organic content, moisture, and bulk density was found. It was concluded that the supply of organic matter in the upper layer (50 cm) can be estimated in wet conditions using the equation Csupply = 2.7ER + 34.3 (t/ha).