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Electrical parameters of soils and pedogenesis

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Eurasian Soil Science, Volume 41, Issue 10, p.1050 - 1058 (2008)





electrical conductivity, electrical potential, electrical resistivity, ER, LandMapper, soil genesis, SP


A concept of the relationship between the electrical parameters of soils (the electrical resistivity and the natural electrical potential) and their pedogenesis was advanced on the basis of the known classical laws of electromagnetism and the general theory of pedogenesis. It was shown that the electrical parameters of soils primarily depend on the density of the mobile electric charges, which include cations of the soil exchange complex and ions of the soil solution. Model notions were developed to explain the laws of the changes in the electrical parameters in the main genetic soil types for the catenary and zonal levels of the soil cover organization.Original Russian Text © A.I. Pozdnyakov, 2008, published in Pochvovedenie, 2008, No. 10, pp. 1188–1197.