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LandMapper ERM-02 – three parameter geophysical instrument

The newest model, LandMapper ERM-02, can automatically output EC or ER, accepts four-electrode probes of any configuration, including dipole-dipole and rectangular probes, reaches down to 10 m depth in most soils and stores up to 999 resistivity values in non-volatile memory. Also, ERM-02 model can be used to measure natural electrical potentials in soils, plants and other media with two non-polarizing electrodes (Figs. 2&3).

LandMapper -  field EC meter with lab accuracy

Figure 2LandMapper ERM-02, hand-held device for measuring electrical resistivity, conductivity and self-potential, manufactured by Landviser, LLC.


Figure 3Correct placement of electrodes when measuring electrical potential difference between soils and plants with LandMapper ERM-02.

Comparison of features between ERM-01 and ERM-02 models is shown in Table 1.  Technical specifications of a current model are presented in Table 2.