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VES, NEP, Electrical Profiling and Mapping in Environmental Applications

subsurface water rising in delta Volga

Electrical geophysical methods to outline ground water rising in urban areas. The groundwater caused visible destruction of more than 20% of the buildings in Astrakhan’ city. Natural hazardous groundwater condition in delta Volga was further aggravated in the urban areas by the uncontrolled leakage from the canals and plumbing pipes. More >>

NEP electromagnetic profiling across oil spill on permafrost soils

Electrical geophysical methods to evaluate soil pollution from gas and oil mining. Soil pollution by the products of gas and oil mining was studied near Urengoi in northwest Siberia, Russia. The study area was thoroughly investigated with four-electrode profiling on 1.2-m array and vertical electrical sounding. More >>

peat soil drying depth detection with VES

Vertical Electrical Sounding to detect peat deposit thickness and drying depth.  Method VES is suitable for detection the resistivity in different soil and geological strata without digging or boring. Usually, peat shows not much difference in electrical properties along the profile. More >>

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