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Use of GPR in Agriculture

GPR in agriculture webinar 2 

2nd Agricultural Geophysics FREE Webinar is scheduled, please go to to register.  Again, this no-cost webinar is scheduled for September 30, Tuesday afternoon, 3:00 to 4:30 Eastern Time (2:00 to 3:30 Central Time, 1:00 to 2:30 Mountain Time, and 12:00 to 1:30 Pacific Time) and will focus on the use of ground penetrating radar for agricultural applications.  YouTube video links of the extended presentations for this webinar can now be found at .  So, if you have the chance, view the video presentations. 

During the actual webinar, there will be short overview presentations followed by a panel discussion.  The webinar audience is encouraged to submit questions online during the panel discussion.  Questions can also be submitted prior to the webinar through  For those that register, details will be send out this coming Friday afternoon or next Monday morning on how to connect online to the webinar.  

For this second webinar, five presenters will provide a short overview of GPR use in agriculture during the first 30 minutes.

The last hour of the webinar will be devoted to a panel discussion with the presenters, who will answer questions from the audience.


One week prior to the webinar, YouTube video links for the presentations will be posted on the Webinar #2 Presentations page.


You can find an archive of past webinars on the Past Webinar Archive page.

Although we do not currently offer GPR units, the AEMP-14 - electromagnetic scanner can provide detail 2D and 3D model of soil subsurface down to 10 m depth.  

Also, we have recently received a new batch of LandMapper ERM-02 units, only a few of ERM-01 are available.

Please, inquire through phone +1-609-412-0555, toll FREE +1-888-306-LAND,  or email

Are you going to present?

Are you going to present?

No, not this time. GPR is not

No, not this time. GPR is not my speciality.;) But I will participate in discussion and encourage everybody to signup and listen on.

Larisa Golovko (Pozdnyakova), Ph.D. - President of Landviser, LLC