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SibER - multi-electrode resistivity surveying set

Landviser, LLC is offering advanced equipment for deep electrical tomography - Siber-48 - manufactured by KB Electrometry, Ltd in Novosibirsk, Russia. Since 2012 they started to produce modificated version of "SibER". New device has new safer body, powerfull generator (inject current up to 2A), provide more stable and faster measurments.

Price of the system ordered through us is the same as listed on Registered users can view complete price of the SibER-48 and SibER-64 equipped with two standard 5-m spaced cables in current catalog. Custom spacing of electrode connectors on the cables is also available per request.

Please, request your personalized quotation from us: or call 1-609-412-0555 / 1-888-306-LAND. The system is shipped worldwide from Russia, shipping costs will vary. See specification table at the bottom of this page on estimated weight of the system and components.

All resistivity methods in geophysics are based on applying of a known DC through a couple of output electrodes buried in ground and measuring the voltage caused by this current through another couple of electrodes. With the known current and voltage, we can calculate the resistance; and for a known configuration of electrode array we can establish which part of terrain matches this resistance. The larger distance between current electrodes corresponds to a higher depth of resistivity survey and this is the main sounding factor for Vertical Electrosounding (VES) technique. However, an operator of "SibER" can get realization not only for VES method, but also for method of Dipole Electrosounding (DES) and for constant separation traverse (CST) when the separation between electrodes remain constant but the entire setup is reallocated  within the profile or the site. A resistive method can be used for a modified 2D and 3D tomography build at DC discharge. The generator, measurement unit, and controllable switcher are assembled in a single compact-sized case.

After an operator has connected two 24-electrode cables (with 5 m interval between electrodes) to device SibER-48, it will take only 10 minutes for collecting of data for plotting of a geoelectric resistivity section for a profile with the length up to 235 m.

For long profiles, the device can run the “catching-up profile" technique, when the first segment of multi-electrode cable in the original array works as a second segment in the next array.

When several measurements on one site are completed, the RES3DINV software can produce a 3D image of geoelectrical structure of the subsurface medium.



Interactive fitting of parameters for measurement configuration

Automatic checking of quality of electrode grounding 

Estimation of stability for every measurement run 

Visualization tools for control of data quality

Automatic filtration and smoothing of input data


  •  Number of electrodes              48 (2 x 24)
  •  Operative temperature         -20 ÷ +40 °C
  •  Sizes (W x H x D)           42 x 35 x 23 cm
  •  Weight                                   12 kg
  •  Internal memory             up to 2 Gb
  •  Battery                                   12 V, 7 A∙h
  •  External power                      12 V
  •  Protection class                     IP 67
  •  Screen                                   5”, 240 x 128
  •  Connection to PC                USB


  •  Maximum DC                         2000 mA
  •  Maximum voltage                    500 V
  •  Maximum power                     200 W
  •  Measurement error                   1 %



  •  Wenner (α, β, γ)
  •  Schlumberger
  •  dipole
  •  three-electrode
  •  two-electrode

 Options of supply

Base package:

  •  Electrical exploration device "SibER-48"
  •  Software
  •  USB cable
  •  Charging unit cable
  •  Battery

Standard package:

  •  Electrical exploration device "SibER-48"
  •  Software
  •  USB cable
  •  Charging unit cable
  •  Battery
  •  Electrical exploration cables with the length of 115 m - 2 pcs
  •  Clips - 50 pcs
  •  Electrodes 30 cm - 50 pcs
  • Component Weight, kg
    Base package - SibER-48 measuring unit without cables 12
    Additional one cable x24 electrodes w/clips, 5 m spacing 17
    Additional one cable x24 electrodes w/clips, 10 m spacing 32
    Additional one cable x24 electrodes w/clips, 5 m spacing 49

Please, request your personalized quotation from us:  or call 1-609-412-0555 / 1-888-306-LAND.

Registered users can download complete SibER-48 user manual, broshure and technical specs below.