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Setting up RES2DINV/RES3DINV (DEMO ver.) for the first time

Download DEMO 32-bit version of RES2DINV and RES3DINV from attached files below this post or download DEMO versions of RES2DINV and RES3DINV. Supplemental publications and other versions of software (legacy or 64-bit) are available for registered users from the respective folders (RES2DINV and RES3DINV) under SUPPORT/Downloads section of this website. You have to login before you can acces the Downloads repository (see more here)

Note, that you can use RES2DINV without RES3DINV, but not other way around - RES2DINV have to be installed first. This demo software has decreased functionality, but it might be enough for your research and the DEMO versions never expire.
However, if you decide to purchase software, please request a formal quote from us ASAP before contacting GEOTOMO directly, as we will meet or beat price of other dealers, but we cannot guarantee it unless you secure order from us first.

Now, installing the software…
Click setup.exe and follow directions. When you run through set up series of questions, click OK to the question about dongle installation.
Setup will quit.

Then run the program from Start\Programs\RES2DINV or from folder where it has been installed.

Without a dongle you will see SemiDemo version. Click OK.

Big white screen will be there with menus on the top. If you see white screen only, probably the screen resolution on your PC system that makes it blown out of proportion. I did installed mine on VISTA Ultimate 64-bit using same file without any problem before, but today I happen to have Win XP 32-bit computer without RES2DINV, so I run setup.exe on it step by step and report it here. Works fine.

Go File/Run Jacobwin if you using a program for the first time. It will calculate partial derivatives for most popular arrays. You will not need to run it again ever on the same computer.

When you decided to purchase and receive your USB dongle in the mail, follow directions to install the dongle published in manual book. You will not need to un-install DEMO versions, the software will pick up dongle if it attached otherwise it will continue to run in semi-demo mode.

If you run into any problems with installation, please, do not hesitate to contact Landviser, LLC or post a comment in this blog.