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RES2DINV - 2D Geophysical Inversion Software for Resistivity and Induced Polarization data

Supports on land, underwater and cross-borehole surveysRES2DINV with topography

Supports the Wenner (alpha,beta,gamma), Wenner-Schlumberger, pole-pole, pole-dipole, inline dipole-dipole, equatorial dipole-dipole, gradient and non-conventional arrays. 
Supports exact and approximate least-squares optimisation methods 
Supports smooth and sharp constrasts inversions 
Supports up to 16000 electrodes and 21000 data points on computers with 1GB RAM 
Seamless inversion of very long survey lines using sparse inversion techniques 
(RES2DINV only license includes limited used of RES3DINV 3D inversion program)

RES2DINV software is designed to interpolate and interpret field data of electrical geophysical prospecting (2D sounding) of electrical resistivity (conductivity) and induced polarization. The inversion of the resistivity and IP data is conducted by least-square method involving finite-element and finite-difference methods. The software can handle data from any electrode array, including Wenner (a, b, g), dipole-dipole, inline pole-dipole, pole-pole, Wenner-Schlumberger, equatorial pole-dipole and non-conventional arrays. Interpolate data from land, under water, and cross-borehole surveys. Easy data conversion from the most popular geophysical instruments including ABEM  Lund, Syskal, AGI, PASI, IRIS, SCITREX, etc.

It is probably an order of magnitude faster than some other commercially available 2D inversion software. The program supports survey lines with up to 16000 electrodes and 27000 data points. 

New in RES2DINV ver. 3.71: Multicore CPU support is now available in RES2DINVx32 and RES3DINVx64. (ver. 3.71xx). Download: RES2DINV ver.3.71 (current) and Manual


New in RES2DINV ver. 3.59: Sparse inversion option for very long survey lines (2000 to 16000 electrode positions) added. This method inverts the entire data set and model at a single time to produce a continuous and seamless model. New format for batch mode option script file which makesuse of the files containing the inversion parameters produced by the RES2DINV program.  Option to include boundaries of layers from seismic or borehole surveys added.  Download legacy version: RES2DINV ver.3.59   and Manual


Upgrades are free for one year for existing customers. After that, the software will operate indefinetely at the version when your support has ended (and Landviser, LLC will still help our customers with data interpretation for free), but to upgrade to the current version and receive software support from GeoTOMO you will need to pay $290 for each additional year of support.



Tax Deduction Info on www.Section179.Org!

Special Note for USA customers: Landviser's equipment and software qualify for tax deduction under Section 179. You still have time to purchase ERM-01, ERM-02 or RES2DINV/RES3DINV in 2012, before this deduction expires!

For prices and product accessories, go to Current complete catalog of Landviser LLC.

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Download DEMO: RES2DINV ver.3.71 (current)   Some customers might find the demo version is essential for all their needs. The full professional version of the program gives your the ability to save your models and inversion data and is protected with a hardware key (USB or LP1 dongle).

 RES2DINV and RES3DINV tech specs

Registered clients/web users can visit RES2DINV folder for complete downloads.


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