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LandMapper, NEP, and Self-Potential methods for Forensic and Archaeological Applications

detect burial places under uniform grass

Four-electrode probe for detection of burial places of criminal origin

We used electrical geophysical methods to measure the disturbance of the soil together with the properties of a hidden object itself. The study was conducted in collaboration with Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs to test methods for fast outlining soil disturbance places to help criminological search. The method is based on measurements of soil bulk electrical resistivity and principles of soil formation.


complex geophysical investigations in Kiev, Ukraine

Electrical geophysical methods to study subsurface water movement in urban areas

Hazardous hydrological situation caused by unknown factors appeared in Kiev-Pechersk Lavra (Kiev, Ukraine) near The Church of Holy Cross Elevation in 1987. The problem was attributable to temporary subsurface water fluxes fed by precipitation. Methods of 4-electrode profiling, vertical electrical sounding, and self-potential were utilized.


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Electrical geophysical methods to study subsurface water movement in urban areas
Peer-reviewed publications available for registered users:
Pozdnyakova, L.A., A.I. Pozdnyakov, and R. Zhang. “Application of Geophysical Methods to Evaluate Hydrology and Soil Properties in Urban Areas.” Urban Water 3 (2001): 205–216.
Smernikov, S. A., A. I. Pozdnyakov, and E. V. Shein. “Assessment of Soil Flooding in Cities by Electrophysical Methods.” Eurasian Soil Science 41, no. 10 (October 2008): 1059–1065.


Westampton, NJ 40° 1' 14.1528" N, 74° 47' 31.992" W
Zelinograd, MOS 55° 59' 24.2736" N, 37° 9' 43.47" E
Kiev 50° 27' 0.36" N, 30° 31' 24.24" E

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