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Introducing LandMapper ERM-01

To address those applications Landviser, LLC has developed and commercialized first model of LandMapper ERM-01 in 2004, which was able to measure electrical resistivity with central-symmetric four-electrode probes of Shlumberger and Wenner configurations to the depth of five meters. Device became popular among agricultural researchers in USA and Europe, and was tested for fast mapping and monitoring of agricultural and horticultural lands (Pozdnyakova et al., 2004; Paillet et al., 2010; Duncan et al., 2008; Carrow and Duncan, 2004). LandMapper is portable, fast, accurate, compact, safe, and affordable. It uses fully customized, interchangeable, and easily constructed four-electrode probes, which make it highly versatile for many applications, ranging from ER measurements in the laboratory and soil pits to non-destructive field mapping of soil layers at 0-15 ft depth (Fig. 1).

LandMapper ERM-01 with soil pit and mapping probes