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Enlightening Research

Happy New Year 2013 from Landviser LLC

Dear visitors, clients, collegues and friends!Happy New Year 2013! Landmapper in Antarctics

Landviser LLC is wishing you Happy, Healthy and Prosperious 2013! Let all your ideas to develop into innovative products and services to create more Joy on our planet Earth and gain yet more understanding about our World.

Do not hesitate to ask us about applications of geophysics in archaeology, agriculture, and environmental sciences or browse the links below. We are here to "Enlighten Your Research":

Online Manuals and Textbooks on Electrical Geophysics

Scientific Papers


Landviser LLC League City, TX 29° 32' 17.2716" N, 95° 4' 28.9776" W
LandMapper in Antarctica 70° 13' 39.9468" S, 63° 59' 3.75" W


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