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While we striving to provide you with the best FREE information on  soil science, electrical geophysics, geostatistics, GIS, remote sensing as well as on web design, internet marketing and ecommerce; we are required by law to maintain database of people obtained this information through us, especially for copyrighted material including peer-reviewed articles from scientific journals (see References).

Please, signup or login and you will instantly get a email with an account confirmation and the SUPPORT/Downloads link will became live and bring you to the vast download directory of Landviser, LLC including DEMO, freeware, and shareware of popular geophysical, geostatistical, fractal, GIS, and web-mastering software and templates. Also, as a registered user you will be able to post comments and communicate with Landviser's R&D team and other scientists around the globe striving to "enlighten their research".

However, you can still browse our site Anonymously and download linked files one-by-one from the info-pages. Our website is actively growing and more info-pages are added often, so make sure to visit us again or register and subscribe to updates! You can choose daily or weekly updates on all new site content or subscribe to specific topics from keywords delivered directly to your e-mail. You can also visit and subscribe to our site's RSS feeds.

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