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AEMP-14 - Multi-frequency Electro-Magnetic Induction Sounding

Landviser, LLC is offering advanced equipment for multi-frequency electromagnetic sounding and profiling - AEMP-14 - manufactured by KB Electrometry Ltd in Novosibirsk, Russia.

Price of the system ordered through us is the same as listed on Registered website users can view price of for the complete AEMP-14 system including field hand-held PDA, GPS, laptop with pre-loaded EM interpretation software and training videos in current catalog 

Please, request your personalized quotation from us: or call 1-609-412-0555 / 1-888-306-LAND. The system is shipped worldwide from Russia, shipping costs will vary. See specification table at the bottom of this page on estimated weight of the system and components.

AEMP-14 is a patented device for 10-m depth earth sounding that comprises a transmitter, two receiver coils, and a backing coil. This device can operate at a set of operating frequencies picked up from 14 available frequencies (within the range from 2.5 to 250 kHz). The arrangement of receiver coils cancels the primary field in air by a factor of 1000, so there is no need for preliminary calibration for a specific ground. 

An operator equipped with the scanner AEMP-14 can perform the following jobs for underground space: search of ferrous and nonferrous metal objects, large cavities in soil, big ceramic and plastic bodies, underground structures, tunnels, groundwater, and everything that has a different specific conductivity to the rest of underground space.

The AEMP-14 scanner is engineered for simple and robust operation. It is possible to choose one of three modes of survey:

- line;

- map;

- GPS tracking.

In case of draft scanning of large sites, the operator can choose the “GPS track” mode with automatic generation of EM pulses. After pressing the “Start” button on your PDA the operator starts moving with the device through the area of search. A GPS device will track the actual position of apparatus and the PDA display will show the conductivity distribution map (at one the frequencies) in real-time mode. However, the scanner AEMP-14 is graded as a measurement device because it is equipped with high-precision dipole sensors.

The device and software presents the processed data in a user-friendly mode. A metal object buried in the soil has a high level of conductivity and usually displayed as a red-color contour (the hue range matching the variations in specific conductivity at the site is up to operator’s choice). However the other objects, like cavities, voids, buried plastic containers, ceramic elements have a low conductivity and being displayed in colors different from the background medium with a steady conductivity.

The proprietary software ISystem for processing of input data offers an opportunity to draw 3D pictures of specific conductivity for the whole scanned site  (with the depth up to 10 meter).




- Frequency range: 2.5-250 kHz

- Scan time for a single point at 14 freqs: 2 sec (or any set from 1-14 deferent frequencies)

- Transmitter power: 900 W

- Receiver sensitivity: 1 mV

- Noise level: 50 nV

- Memory storage capacity: 8000 search points

- Battery operation time: 12 hours

- Weight: 7 kg

- Length: 2.75 m

 Basic set of AEMP-14 equipment:

- the apparatus comprising the transmitter and receiver parts;

- charger;

- AEMP-14 works with any Android or Win Mobile 5/6 PDA. Interfacing software included

- video courses for handling AEMP-14;

- instruction manuals;

- transportation bag

In addition we also can supply:

- rugged Android smartphone with build-in GPS and software for device control and real-time visualization (for clients in USA). Other countries, please, source GPS locally, export restrictions could impose additional delays.

Experience of field jobs with AEMP-14 vs. other commercial EM Induction devices has demonstrated that AEMP-14 has better parameters on map resolution, noise immunity, and sensitivity.

The AEMP-14 is a cost-effective solution for the upper crust exploration!

Very good!

Very good!